Monadnock Bike Nite

A New England Biker Destination


Welcome to Monadnock Bike Nite! We are so glad you have arrived. Let the fun begin. When was the last time you attended a biker event? Did you have a great experience or was it just average? When was the last time someone asked for your opinion about what you would like to see in a motorcycle event?

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Well, the time has come to have your voice heard. Over the past month, a lot of planning, preparation, thought and creativity has been put to work to create an event in the Monadnock Region open to All Bikers. Your voice will now be heard!  Over 50+ bikers took part in a survey and their feedback was tremendously helpful in our planning for this event all throughout the riding season. Thank you to all of you who took part in our pre-event survey.

We recognize your time is valuable. We we want to respect the fact that when you hop on your motorcycle and are ready to ride to a destination 30+ minutes away or more, it better be a great experience.

My vision as the President and organizer of this event, through the inspiration of other close friends and members of the biker community, is to create a destination for all biker to come. It is my hope you will come and hang out, share your experiences, learn about new rides both for charity and non-charity events while sharing your passion of riding motorcycles with other awesome people like yourself.

It’s my hope that you’ll have a great experience and want to return on a regular basis. We will strive to exceed your expectations. Like every new event, please be patient with us as it will be a work in progress for at least the first month or so.

If you have any great ideas on how we can make this a better experience for all bikers, please let us know soon. WE love volunteers so please raise your hand if you would like to help out!  

As good buddy of mine once said, “Let those who ride decide.”

I look forward to meeting you in person. Thanks for stopping by and please stay tuned for updates throughout this riding season. Best, Barry “Ech” Echavarria, President! PS. Please join our group on Facebook.

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